Loft in Via Foggia

Loft in Via Foggia
Construction management: 

For this particular work BSA has developed, with considerable care, three concepts which it believes to be most interesting: “seek out the essential nature of the materials”; “search for the genuine”, and “Management of the imperfect”.
These three themes collectively have become a kind of cardinal philosophy For the veterans of the practice.
The idea is not simply to create “Aesthetic” projects by using the latest materials and thinking, which, anyway, are doomed to enjoy a brief existence, but rather to to show that, by a thorough examination of the concepts (roots), a careful use of materials (including those inexpensive), and the architecture of interior spaces (including those which are empty) it is possible to obtain results with a notable aura of energy (spirit), which is desirable in time, and suitable to the latest requirements of people living in the house.
The ?rst thought was directed to shaping the forms through a careful study of the related dimensions, together with the characteristics of the materials that constitute them, to bring life and soul to an inanimate object.
The second idea was to try not to hide those areas that are considered antiaesthetic or dif?cult to deal with, but rather to transform them into distinctive features. The various parts that make up the project are revealed for what they really are, from different moments in history ( in the case of restructuring), to the uses of space, to the structures, to the technical equipment, and ?nally to the pecuiar characteristics of the material context.
The third concept distances us from the search for perfection, in so far as this does not exist in the material world, and, rather, directs us towards controlled imperfection, more stimulating and suitable to our requirements. This is shown in the use of materials, like untreated steel, naked welding, the cor-ten, the cement, oxidisation and many other examples inherent in the project.