Ristorante Filodendro

Ristorante Filodendro
Pinerolo (Torino)
BSA - Patrick Blanc
Construction management: 

Filodendro in Pinerolo bears the signature of BSA for the architectural design with an absolute novelty at international level: a “Wall fo Greenery” by Patrick Blanc, the second of its kind in Italy by this original French botanical designer together with Flavio Pollano, the agronomist and landscape artist.
Following his participation in the Genova Acquarium, a projact designed by Renzo Piano, Patrick Blanc ( famous for his hanging gardens, for example, at the museum in the Quai Branly and the Palais de la Decouverte in Paris, as well as at the European Parliament in Bruxelles and the Caixa Forum Museum in Madrid) participated with charming plant arrangements within three courtyards along one of the walls of the restaurant for a total area of 75 sq. mts.
This basement area was restructured, based on a design by BSA, in collaboration with the Studio Geuno di Osasco, and is developed over an area of 350 sq. mts. creating a single rectangular area divided by sliding panels.
White is the dominant colour, with the only wall in brick coloured wine red so as to be in harmony with the key work of nature by Patrick Blanc and Flavio Pollano, along the two principal walls.
The restaurant-pizzeria takes its name from this effect, in demonstrating a naturalistic vocation ( Philodenron means a love of ?owers and greenery) and the desire to provide customers with a relaxing ambiance with friends among 2580 types of plants and 150 different species.
The most dif?cult aspect of the project was to eliminate the idea od a boxed in basement area by working to open completely the side wals by building a glassed-in cavity on one side, with 3 courtyards containing Blanc’s on the other, creating a vertical connection by bringing the basement in contact the the outside world.
This kind of union, emphasised by the vertical walls on one side and the heather climbing upwards on the other, prompts a feeling of nature in the place which captivates the guests and leaves them in the right frame of mind to enjoy a good meal.
Careful examination will reveal most interesting views: starting from the entrance where a wooden staircase leads the guest to a large glass pane, through which the wood burning oven and the steel counter stand out: the little glassed-in courtyards which amplify and light up the area, and which, in case of rain, give the customer the enjoyment of seeing the water tumble down beween the gorgeous greenery laid out by Blanc and the front wall with its wine red colouring contrasting and exalting the white of the decor.