ristorante Vista Mare (oggi Daii Chi)

ristorante Vista Mare (oggi Daii Chi)
Porto di mare srl
Construction management: 

The architectual project is developed in line with the proposed menu, and, therefore, is an interpretation in modern terms of the traditional restaurant, without excluding its reassuring flavours . A great deal of importance was given to the counter, which includes the bar area and that for the preparation of the food, with the less aesthetic work in the background.
The counter also functions to exhibit the cooking ingredients, as well as a counter on which to eat, and an entry towards the waiters in the main room.
It is from this great item of furniture that the customer can see most of what is available, as if the attention of the entire place is drawn to this island. It could be a metaphor for an island of volcanic rock in the middle of a sea, sand and wood. But newly conceived and up-to-date and so in steel and glass as well.
The scene could be the sea, indefinable in its immensity, a single colour but many shades. And in this scene, images recreated by artists showing creatures of the sea could move rapidly across the room, on the walls and on the floors.
For this reason it becomes very important to have natural materials which make up the enclosure and the furniture in it. The main counter could be in rock formed from lava ( like the recreation of a cliff ) in rugged shapes with edges naturally fragmented, in contrast with the inox and glass. The plaster instead should resemble as closely as possible the sandy floor of the sea.