ristorante Sicomoro

ristorante Sicomoro
Sicco 2004 srl
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The restaurant Sicomoro, a small model of design, stands on the corner between Via Stampatori and Via Barbaroux in Turin. On the ground floor a space of 250 square meters is arranged in two areas; one is parallel to the entrance, and one is dominated by a long counter in zinc and titanium: the second is at right angles to the first and is devoted to restaurant with the kitchen behind it. The kitchen, with a large window, faces both the tables and the outside along Via Barbaroux.
Black dominates, both in the floor ( with its large slabs of iron ) and the chairs, as well as the dark grey of the the walls, raw and imperfect. A distinctive feature is the restoration of the original eighteenth century walls where the original plaster has been uncovered and treated by the restorers with stabilizers and oxidized metal. The ceilings, in celenit, contribute to the “idea of imperfection” and rawness, partially hide the various equipment and act as sound absorbent panels.
The long counter may hold Sunday brunch or a line of stoolss, like a sushi bar. It is covered in a rugged black cloth, which was once used for the hood of the Fiat 500, as are the seats and backs of the stools and the benches in the restaurant area.
Each table is lighted by large diameter fibre optics set in metal tubes, which hang from the ceiling sepately, suspended at three different heights.
The level immediately below is set aside for a refreshment area. The entrance area there is a large wash basin, specially designed, with two plain sloping levels in zinc and titanium, with two singular taps set in the wall; these raw red levers regulate the opening and closing of a jet of “water and light” which gushes from a simple, almost rudemental metal tap.
The result is an area that is up-to-date and daring, while at the same time unexplainably familiar and domesticated. “ We wanted to achieve an atmosphere both warm and intimate, without committing the usual mistake of reproducing falsely feelings from the past”, Stefano Cerruti explains, “ I like to talk about planning the imperfect, because imperfect evinces the domestic scene.”
The architects of the Bottega Studio worked on the overall image for the Sicomoro in collaboration with LSB, creating elegant and amusing grafics, alive with references to “Mediterranian” tastes and flavours to be found in this restaurant.